Meet The Titan Coaches

Varsity Basketball Coaches

Head Coach:  Mike Dresser

“I coach to  help my student athletes develop a strong work ethic and commitment to doing their personal best for themselves and their team, while also instilling  the values of kindness  and respect.” - Coach Dresser

Lead Assistant Coach:  Dustin Thompson

“I teach and coach to inspire the values of empathy, integrity and work ethic in those around me.”  - Coach Thompson

Assistant Coach:  Lester Elliott

“I want to help our student-athletes get the most out of every repetition, every day and every situation. The goal is for them to become the best versions of themselves on and off the court.”  - Coach Elliott

Team Doctor:  Jon "Doc" Dresser 

“I strive to teach not only basketball skills, work ethic and teamwork, but also character traits necessary for young men to become successful future husbands, fathers, providers, and contributors to society.” - Coach "Doc"

JV Basketball Coaches

JV Head Coach:  Buddy Walser

“My purpose in coaching is to help my athletes grow and mature into strong, confident, honorable men and women with the skills and qualities to live fulfilling lives and to contribute to the vibrancy of their communities.” - Coach Walser

Assistant Coach:  Mike Punsalan

“I aim to provide the necessary guidance to help the student athletes to become the best version of themselves on and off the court.” - Coach Punsalan

Assistant Coach:  TJ Fox

Frosh/Soph Basketball Coaches

Frosh/Soph Head Coach:  LaMills Garrett

Frosh/Soph Assistant Coach:  Jason Wilmore

Frosh/Soph Assistant Coach:  Tyrone Hendrix

Former Coaches

"Once A Titan... Always A Titan!!!"

Varsity Head Coach:  Rob Richards

Varsity Assistant Coach:  Albert Da Cruz

Varsity Assistant / Frosh Head Coach:  Wayne Dorn 

“I coach because I have a passion and respect for the game and the young athlete.  I am never too old to move in new directions, yet still instill some of the “old school” philosophy and strategies that were the foundation of this great game.  It’s my desire to continue serving Antelope through its community, the local schools and the student athletes themselves.” - Coach Wayne Dorn

Assistant Coach:  Andy Beronilla

"I strive to provide our student athletes with the confidence to go after what they want in life, the inspiration to become leaders in their community, and the motivation to  never give up.”  - Coach Beronilla

JV Head Coach:  Erik Dorn

“My purpose as a coach is to encourage my student athletes to learn more, to do more, and to become more.”  - Coach Erik Dorn

JV Head Coach:  Ryan Lloyd

JV Head Coach:  Tony Watkins

JV Head Coach:  Mike Triolo

JV and Frosh Assistant Coach:  Christian Cave

“My purpose as a coach and leader is to be a mentor to the youth and teach them about the rights and wrongs, and valuable lessons to carry with them not only in basketball, but while transitioning in life as well. I strive to lead by example.” - Coach Cave

JV Assistant Coach:  Phil Barber

“My purpose as a leader is to teach and to grow my athletes into successful contributors to society and people who know how to obtain personal success through hard work and a positive attitude.” - Coach Barber

JV Assistant Coach:  Chris Spears

JV Assistant Coach:  Rich Kamminga

JV Assistant Coach:  Craig Daniels

Frosh Head Coach:  Evans Campbell

Frosh Head Coach:  Seymour Reed

Frosh Assistant Coach:  Ray Barnett

Frosh Assistant Coach:  Cris Smith